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E-liquids & Cartridges

We offer various e-liquids and cartridges with different cannabinoids. The vaporizing cannabinoids ensures a bioavailability of approx. 50% - 60%. This results in a particularly high effectiveness of CBD and other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDHQ, CVDV and many more.

Brand: CANVORY Model: 7640177583024
Cannabidiol Vape Cartridge with Alien OG Terpenes and 50% CBD content (250mg), 0.5mlOur Vape Cartridges Alien OG contain 50% pure cannabidiol. Vaporizing results in a very high bioavailability of approx. 50% - 60%. By combining the high concentration of cannabidiol plus the high bioavailability thro..
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